What is SPC floor? What are the advantages of SPC floor?
Recently found a problem, mention wooden floor, tile floor as if everyone knows, but when it comes to "SPC floor" momentarily Zhang Er monks do not know, in fact, this is not surprising. First of all, from the origin of the floor, the history of wooden flooring is said to have been produced in the East and the West as early as ancient times, but there was no standard at that time, until now it has gradually improved the standard. Although it is said that it is also true, it is said that trees are the witnesses of the origin and survival of human beings. Most of the earliest tools and weapons used by human beings are tools and weapons. Because of trees, the earliest clothes you wear are also the leaves of trees. Of course, there are many other things you can do for yourself. The history of ceramic tiles dates back to BC, when Egyptians began to decorate various types of houses with ceramic tiles. Clay bricks are dried in the sun or baked, and then colored with blue glaze extracted from copper. Tiles were also found in Mesopotamia in BC. The tiles were decorated with blue and white stripes. Later, more patterns and colors appeared. China is the center of ceramic art. As early as the Shang and Yin dynasties, a fine white stoneware was produced.

Looking at the origin of the above floor, SPC floor is indeed better than, but in many ways, the advantages are better than those of the floor predecessors (just a moment to explain), but few people believe it. In fact, sometimes I feel that people have been living in the discovery of problems and solving problems. Today we find the drawbacks of wood flooring and ceramic tiles without changing them. It may be our children and grandchildren that harm them. Therefore, citizens of every society and country should solve the problems they find to benefit mankind.

So what are the problems with wood flooring and tile flooring? What are the advantages of DIYOU SPC lock floor? Xiao Bian holds his own opinion.

Wood flooring: prone to moth, mildew in water, no fire, need to use the complex means of keel to install, and there is formaldehyde glue to cooperate with the use, easy to damp, no affinity with people hard, easy to heat expansion and contraction principle bulging up, even locking wood flooring will inevitably occur this situation unless the floor formaldehyde made by bad businessmen exceeds the standard, there will be on. To some extent, locking wood flooring still needs glue to bond.

Mouldy wood flooring

Ceramic tile floor: It is very fragile and not easy to be extruded by external forces. It is fragile when heavy objects fall. Its surface is very smooth, which can not guarantee the safety of the elderly and children.

The tile floor is broken.

DIYOU SPC Lock Floor:

SPC lock floor

Specifically, see the advantages of YOUYOU SPC lock floor

Looking at the comparison of these three floors and the explanation of the small weave, you must know the advantages of locking floors.

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