Paraphraes to brand

GOLDEN FUTURE, is the homonym of "canstand treading" in Chinese meaning,  predicts a brilliant future for SPC Floor world.  It pioneered a total new product in flooring industry.

Brand culture

Brand Values: Return to ingenuity, get knowledge from material; Establish a fundamental position and strive for excellence

Brand Mission: High-quality products and ultimate services, reshaping the future of Made in China

Brand Service Concept: User-centered, Demand-oriented, Creating Ultimate User Experience

Brand Vision: Create the middle and high-end brand of China's SPC floor, guide the new fashion of minimalist healthy life

Contact Us Tel 024-87495555 13709840473,15004093881 Add. Sandaogangzi Industrial Park, Shenyang Xinmin City, Liaoning Province, 46.3 kilometres from Shen-Yu Line
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