Brand story

There is a kind of guardianship, affectionate and silent

In the most casual corner of your busy life

I am so quiet and enthusiastic.

Undisturbed company, undisguised tenderness

It was my cautious and focused mind.

2018, Golden Floor

Bring you a wonderful life experience

Golden tread floor innovation, not deliberate pursuit of the latest

It's about knowing how to win customers'hearts.

Adopt the most advanced SPC material at present

Advanced process flow, high quality product characteristics

Waterproof and environmental protection coexist, concise and fashionable

The ultimate goal of Golden Floor

Not to make smarter products

But let the product have the soul of love

Turn it into a kind of care that does not disturb you

Just for you who work hard outside

Have a comfortable and healthy environment

The Significance of Golden Floor

It's not about giving you more answers.

It's about letting you avoid confronting problems.

Classic Jack design, texture, natural arts and Sciences

Autonomous splicing, zero-cost installation

Golden tread flooring with unprecedented enthusiasm

Respect for the calm nature of heaven and earth

Highlighting the Beauty of Freedom without Deliberation or Restriction

Let the mind be tranquil and belong to nature

Live authenticity in a complicated world

Maybe it's the pureness of what Golden Floor wants to express.
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