development history

Thirty years ago, we began to produce Laminate floor and floor accessories. We have richful products collections, with various floor thickness. Such as Hand-scraped, V-groove, U-groove, Straight-angle, Parquet so on. To cater to different markets at home and board, we produce the floors with 6mm,7mm,8mm,10.5mm and 12mm.  We are not satisfied with the current floor market share, continue to research and develop, reform, and constantly upgrade our products. SPC floor, is our the best gifts, that we again provide for consumers all over the world. With more environmental-friendly, zero-formaldehyde, high wear resistant, it does meets the higher standard of modern decorative world.  We are standing at the top of the floor manufacturers.Providing the most scientific, environmentally friendly and most affordable flooring for domestic and foreign consumers,  is our the only goal.

Contact Us Tel 024-87495555 13709840473,15004093881 Add. Sandaogangzi Industrial Park, Shenyang Xinmin City, Liaoning Province, 46.3 kilometres from Shen-Yu Line
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